What We Do

We at GibberBabble Media specialize in media based websites, those requiring a robust ability to present audio and video content in a high-quality environment, with digital downloads, sales and live broadcasting capabilities.
These would encompass companies that offer paid online seminars (webinars), subscription services for audio and video content, and live event broadcasting.
Types of groups and companies that need this style of service include, training services, educational services, bands, online radio and television broadcasting companies, political activity groups, tourism bureaus, travel agencies, and many others.



Your website must be attractive to capture the attention of your visitors or they will simply move on to someone else, no matter how great your content is nor how wonderful the functionality. All our sites are built as responsive sites, so they look good on all devices, whither a PC, tablet or mobile device.



Your website needs to be able to integrate with your social media marketing... This helps your brand get discovered on the internet.  The different social networks are constantly changing how they integrate with websites, you need someone who will keep those changes from breaking your site


Did You Know?

Video is 53 times more likely to rank on the front page of Google than a page using normal SEO techniques.
A search engine result on the front page of Google that has a video thumbnail next to it is 5x more likely to be clicked than even the top result.
YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world! If you don’t have video on your site you are missing out on this entirely.
A video can tell your customers more in a minute than pages of text.



Your site needs to be able to meet not just your needs but also the needs of your visitors, it must be easy to navigate, easily updated and allow easy access to the content your guest desire. We use Joomla CMS and WordPress as the framework for all our sites.

Joomla is the same CMS used by United Nations Regional Information Centre for Western Europe UNRIC, M.T.V. Greece, Harvard University EBay , the Guggenheim Museum , Mexico city, The government of Greece, McDonald’s, Ikea, Ihop, General Electric, and so many more, we could go on forever.

WordPress is the Internet’s most popular blogging CMS and it has developed several expansion components to enhance its usability.



Your website must be fully functional on all browsers and on all size screens, from a smartphone to a big screen tv.
The quality of a website determines it's search engine ranking, which leads to more sales of your product or services. What good is a website if no one can find it?




Your website needs to be easy to manage, adding content should not be a chore. We are here to assist you not just during the building and launch of your site but also in maintaining it. . We don't just build you a site and say goodbye. We are here to help you.